Friday, May 22, 2009

Toddler Time Thursday!

Toddler Time Thursday (Whoopsies, Friday, I'm a tad late...)

I've been really wanting to have a felt board for Molly. So this week I decided it was time to make one, and it was definitely worth the 20 minutes I spent putting it together. Molly loves it, and we only have a set of shapes, and spring flowers. I can't wait, the possibilities are endless, I'm thinking I need to make a very hungry caterpillar set...

If anyone wants to know how to make a super easy felt board, let me know and I'll post a tutorial.


  1. That looks like a blast! I might have to make one of those for my niece since Marlee is still too little!

    I love the 101 things list...and feel free to grab some of was hard to come up with it (harder than I thought) and I borrowed from some of the other women who had theirs posted. There are more things I would like to add...but I still have so many left to finish I don't think I will be adding any any time soon. If you do one I will def be reading it! I think its a cool idea!

    Have you ever been to the mountains? I posted some pics of the tetons from last weekend...we don't camp there, but they are cool to look at!

  2. please tell me how you made it. i would love to make one for nathan.

  3. Is yours made with foam core? It looks a lot like mine only, mine is blue. Great minds think alike☺