Friday, May 29, 2009

Frugal Friday!

As I was planning activities for my family to do this Summer, I am always looking for frugal ways to do things we already love. Tonight we went to the Whitecaps baseball game for free, Monday we are going to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago for free, and next weekend we are going to the Zoo for free. And these are just a few...

How? I am always searching and finding different local programs to participate in that have rewards or trade-ins.

Some good ones to participate in:
-Library Summer reading clubs (ours has an adult one, kids, teens, and even a read to me one for preschool age and under. They have hockey tickets, free pizza hut, etc. as prizes)
-Radio Stations (our local Christian radio station has a great program that gives you points for listening that you can trade in for prizes such as baseball tickets, zoo passes, cds, clothing, etc.)
-Grand Opening/Open Houses (They provide lots of fun activities and usually snacks for free)
-Free Days (Check out your local museums, almost all of them have a few set free days throughout the year)
-Membership Exchange (We are members of our local Children's Museum, and in the summer they do a cultural exchange, where you can visit the zoo, Fredrick Meijer gardens, Ford Museum, and Art Museum in our area for free a month of the summer!)
-Beach (In Michigan we are lucky, there are a lot of great beaches and parks in the area that are always free)

What local attractions do you find cheap or free in the Summer?


  1. We've been enjoying using those free museum passes that you can check out of the library. Entry fees can really add up!

  2. That sounds like a great weekend, and it's awesome that you are enjoying all of that for free. Love your list of resources for all of this! I love researching free days for local museums. Target sponsors lots of free museum days across the country as well. Great post!