Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sew Something Saturday!

This week I decided to sew this great microwavable heat wrap. (gearing up for the wooden shoe shin splints!) I used this wonderful tutorial from Feathered Fibers, with tons of pictures to make this a quick and easy project.
Just make sure to use 100% cotton flannel, this makes it safe for use in the microwave. Enjoy!!! ( I loved this project, but I did feel pretty silly having a photo shoot with my heat wrap, heehee)


  1. Hi Kim: It was great meeting you today too! I was thinking afterward that we should've all four of us taken a picture together. We'll have to try for next year, my husband's already talking about when we come back and go on a tour of a tulip farm.

  2. Hello, so glad to see your heatwrap, it came out wonderfully! Thanks for the link.