Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday's Spotlight!

My sweet niece Maisy had her birthday party today! She has grown up so fast! She was such a cutie singing and clapping and just enjoying turning 2! Happy birthday Maisy, we love you!
Molly and cousin Maisy playing in the wagon at the party!

Maisy was so gracious, she clapped after all her gifts. It was beyond adorable!


  1. How far apart are your two girls? I love the name Maisy! Although I don't think Mike would let me use it (next time) since we already have Marlee. :)

  2. I use a's only about 3 years old (I think) but I was watching some kids (8 & 10) over spring break, and they started messing with it when I was in the other room...and now I am still trying to get the kinks out. It was working alright one night and now, the darn thing keeps messing up. I don't know if I need to redo the bobbin or what. It's annoying!

    Wyoming is a pretty state (if you get off I-80). Colorado is pretty too, but very busy and expensive in the mountain towns! Montana is nice as well! You should come this direction sometime!

  3. That would be fun to be preggo with someone! So cousins, not sisters...I didn't remember reading that you had 2 babies, but then there were pics of both...Sometimes I feel like I am losing my mind!

    I have tried changing the tension...I just don't know what I am doing really!

    I am making a quilt for my niece. The middle is one big piece of fabric of horses, and the outside is going to have pin wheels and then another border after that. I am excited! I have been working on it since before Christmas...and then I started working again in the fall, and then I had Marlee. So now I am working on it again. I have about 4 quilts started but have yet to finish one! I have made some other things start to finish just not a quilt! LOL

    Do you quilt?