Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday's Spotlight!

Happy Mother's Day!!!

(Molly and me at the Whitecaps game last night)

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day. I really enjoyed spending time with my daughter for Mother's Day, we went to a Whitecaps Game last night, and today played outside, took naps (really, all of us!!!) and spent time with my husbands family. (my mom had to work, so we will have to celebrate soon) It was very nice!

(My mom and me in Chicago)
I was looking for a picture of just me and my mom to put up, and realized I don't have very many! I really need to work on getting more pictures with my mom.
Everyone says we look alike, what do you think? I love you mom!!! Happy Mother's Day!!!


  1. Thanks Kim, I love you too

  2. Seriously, you guys could be twins. AND you have the same voice. Fun!

  3. Whitecaps games are so fun! We took my husband to one years ago for Fathers Day and had a blast. I also could not find a good picture of me with my Mom or my Stepmom... so the post I wanted to do didn't happen. I am going to have to be better about taking those pics. Happy Mother's Day to you!!!

  4. Oh yes, I can see the resemblence for sure! Now that I have my own child, it's so neat for me to look at her and see my own face looking back. Since I'm adopted, I never had that experience before having ER.

    How did Molly do at the game? We watch Tiger's games all the time, we're die hard fans and ER keeps saying she wants to go but she's sooo squirmy we are a bit nervous to try. Plus she's developed a tendancy to yell out "Strike Out Boys" when we're at bat and "Home Run" when the other team is and we'd rather shd didn't to that at Tiger's stadium!