Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday's Spotlight!

This week's spotlight is... TULIP TIME!!!

This week I am going with a Tulip Time theme, since it is Tulip Time all week! If you've never been to Holland, or the Tulip Time Festival, check it out at It is a festival to celebrate the tulips as well as our areas Dutch heritage.

One of the highlights of the festival is the dutch dancing. Hundred of adults and high school kids work very hard to learn traditional Dutch dances and wear authentic dutch costumes that are very strictly inspected for accuracy. Then, during Tulip Time, they dance daily for everyone who comes out to see.

(This is me and my daughter last year in our Dutch costumes)

I LOVE dutch dance, and myself along with Katie at A Listmaker's Life, and Shelby at Schweri Stories, are part of a great group of 12 that Dutch dance during the festival. Katie at Katie's Nesting Spot has a great video of part of our dance from when she came to watch!

If you are in Holland, Michigan come out and enjoy Tulip Time, and if you get the chance, come and watch us dance, or catch a parade or two!


(If your not into the Tulip Time fun, come back next week, I have some great tutorials I made and can't wait to share!)


  1. Very fun post Kim!
    I love your adorable pictures. What a fabulous model you have:)
    See you Tuesday!!!

  2. Who on earth wouldn't be into Tulip Time?! I mean come on, what's not to love. I can't believe how many people were there dancing, and Katie told me that's just a fraction of all the people who do it. I can't imagine all the hard work and hours of practice that must go into it. I loved seeing the performance, and darn it if I didn't miss that great bed of tulips that you've got at the top of your post! I never did find a huge plot of blooming tulips but that's only because I didn't have enough time to search it out. We'll be back for sure!

  3. Beautiful pics! The one of you and your daughter is lovely!

    My new blog URL is:

    Come on by to read the sad tale of my .com adventure with Google.

  4. Hi Kim

    I am from The Netherlands and I collect everything that has to do with our national symbol, the wooden shoe. I read that you have been a Dutch Dancer. I am very interested to hear more about the use of wooden shoes in the USA and especially about the experiences with dancing in wooden shoes. How the are to dance and to walk in, how often they break, how long they last etc. I heard that they break quite often and that some dancers break them deliberately when they finish dancing. I would love to have photos of that! You can also mail to my email address

    Kind regards
    Annemarie van Loenen