Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pink Crayons!

For Molly's birthday party with family this weekend, she choose to have a Pinkalicious Party. So, to go with the coloring pages I printed for her and her cousins to do, I wanted to have a box of all pink crayons!

But, since a custom box of crayons is $10.99, YIKES! I knew that wasn't going to happen in this stay at home moms budget! So, instead I bought 24 boxes of crayons when they were .20 cents each during the back to school sales, and switched the colors. Now I have 24 boxes of crayons, each with there own color! So instead of spending $263.76 for 24 custom boxes of crayons, I spent $4.80. :) Yeah, for a good deal!

And now, instead of looking everywhere for a black crayon, or a red crayon, we just get out that box and have 24 to choose from. :)


  1. How fun! :) I am excited to see the rest of the details of this party unfold! :)

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