Friday, September 9, 2011

Apple Hats!

In the fall we love to head to the U-Pick orchard to pick apples, so when I saw this free pattern for this adorable knit apple hat, I just knew my girls would need them for this year. :)

But, since I lack knitting skills, I had my amazing Mother-In-Law whip these cute hats up. She is super quick; I printed her the pattern one day, and the next afternoon they were done. Seriously talented. :)

Here Nora is showing off how cute the hat turned out! (and how cute she is, but I may be a bit bias :)

Molly had the same hat, just a bit bigger. I thought about doing a green one too, but not sure that would still look like an apple.

We had a great morning picking apples!

1 comment:

  1. CUTE!! I love those hats! I wish I had someone to whip me up hats whenever I wanted! :)

    I am thinking we may go pick raspberries soon...I just heard they are ready. :) We don't have any apple orchards around here.