Monday, September 19, 2011

1st Day of School!

This morning was Molly's first day of 4 year old preschool! She was very excited! I think she is looking so much older that the first day of school last year! ( I tried to talk her out of the scarf, but this girl loves her accessories, lol! )

She literally ran up to the school, so couldn't wait! She has been asking everyday if it is time to go to preschool yet!

She was excited to find her locker, and see her teachers. She has the same teachers as last year, so she was happy!

And just because this silly girl can't pose for pictures with out doing funny poses...

I had to add these pictures, because they are cracking me up. I think she is teaching Nora how to be silly in pictures!


  1. OH! <3<3<3 LOVE these! She is BEAUTIFUL! She DOES look so much older than last year. I can hardly believe it. We missed you SOOO much this morning. Glad it was awesome! We are VERY excited for our first day tomorrow.

  2. Oh! P.S.! The scarf is fab! :)

  3. Molly is such a cutie! :) And look at Nora's hair! It's getting so long! She is a doll as well!