Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tissue Paper Tree!

When I saw these fun tissue paper trees, I knew I had to make some. Then, when I read the tutorial and saw you used lots of hot glue, I was in LOVE. Most of you know about my addiction to hot glue. :) I used green tissue paper I had left over from wrapping presents to make this fun tree. It was super easy to make, but took quite awhile to do. I just put Love Actually in the DVD player and got to work.

Head over to Spunky Junky for an awesome tutorial on how to make these great tissue paper trees.
And take this tip from my soon to be released new book, Confessions of a Hot Glue Gun Addict; if you get hot glue on your skin resist the urge to wipe it off right away or your skin will come off too! If you wait a few more seconds and let it dry, then you can peel it off. You may have a little blister, but not the open wound you would have had!

(P.S.- I am not actually writing a book, I am just in a crazy mood today, heehee)


  1. Okay seriously, when are you coming to my house to craft with me??? We would have SO much fun! :)

    Cute tree! You have way more patience than I do!

  2. I think you should write the book. I think that most crafts that I have done with you uses hot glue. We need to get together SOON and craft!!!

  3. Very cute. Book idea would be impressive.