Wednesday, December 15, 2010


It's Nora's first Christmas so I was excited to head to our favorite store to get free pictures with Santa. Nora on the other hand, wasn't so excited!!! Where is my cute 3 year old Molly's picture with Santa you might ask... well, she wouldn't get with in 20 feet of Santa without having a melt down. Needless to say, the only picture I have of her this night was hiding behind dad in the corner. Ah, fun new memories!


  1. Oh isn't it so fun doing the whole Santa thing! At least you will have fun memories to share with your girls! Or maybe they will ask you why you made them go even though they were screaming! LOL That's probably what Marlee will do!

  2. LOL that is to funny. I am excited to take Mallorie. I cant wait to go to dinner tonight. See you then!

  3. My three year old is deathly afraid of Santa! Our friend came to our door dressed as Santa last year, and she screamed and ran and hid under a table. When we walked by him at the mall this year, she crawled up my leg and buried her head in my shoulder. It's so sad, but kind of funny:)