Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sew Something Saturday! I-Spy Swap

I am SO EXCITED to be part of Obsessively Stitching's I-Spy fabric swap 2.0. I really wanted to join last time she did they great swap, but wasn't fast enough to get signed up, so I am very happy I made it in this time. Head over and check it out.

Basically 20 of us all pick out 10 different fabrics for an I-Spy quilt and cut out 20 squares of each. Then we send them in, and get back one of everyones fabric, so I'll have 200 different I-Spy fabric squares! Yup, 200 different!!!!! It has taken me 6 months to save up 5 squares on my own, so this is huge!

Here are the 10 fabrics I choose and cut to send in for the swap. It was fun thinking about what would be easy and hard to look for in the quilt. I am SO EXCITED to make this quilt, that I have be dreaming about how I am going to put it together. I think something like this.

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  1. An I spy quilt! What a great idea! I want to join in next time! How did you even hear about this??? I need to find some more fun crafting sights...

    How are you feeling? Not too much longer right!