Friday, January 15, 2010

Loving Games!!!

(Playing Hullabaloo, I couldn't get her to look up for a picture, she was to into the game)

Anyone who knows us, knows that my family LOVES games. I have a problem, you should see my game cupboardS, yup, way to many games. So when Molly got some of her own games for Christmas, I was very excited to start her playing.

Cranium is an all time favorite in this house, so when Molly got Hullabaloo (a cranium brand game) I was super excited. She LOVES it. She is doing really good at following the directions it says and finding the right piece to stand on. Her favorite part is the "Funny Dance" you do at the end. :) It's a lot of fun right now, but there are harder levels and more that she will be able to grow into.

So also got Don't Break The Ice, which is fantastic. I really underestimated her on this one, I figured that she would just enjoy knocking the ice down. But, she actually can play the game the right way. It's great for working on taking turns and she even knows to try not to let the bear fall. The only thing is she likes to call it "Ice Hockey." :)

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  1. The top game looks like a lot of fun! What are the ages on it?