Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This post is a little different than my normal but...

When I'm pregnant why do I always crave foods that no longer exist. For days, I crave, crave, crave, and there is not way to fulfill it. :)

All I want right now if a chocolate Fudge Covered Oreo, and a big glass of Crystal Clear Pepsi!

Anyone else ever crave something that you can't get anymore? What do you wish was still around???


  1. I don't have many cravings...well, at least for things I can't get...mostly things I am too lazy to go to the store for! :)

  2. Remember when I was pregnant with Dom, all I wanted was a Muzzy's cheeseburger?! Ahhhh, I feel for you girl. That is the worst. You could make your own fudge covered oreos! :)