Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tip Tuesday!

For today's "Tip Tuesday," since it's St. Patrick's Day, I thought it should be about Going Green. I really try to live as much of a green life as I can without giving anything up or spending extra money. We have made a lot of major changes like cloth diapers and getting a HE washer and dryer which has saved us a ton of money as well as helping us Go Green.

My favorite tip is for gift giving. I always try to give a gift in a gift. This eliminates wrapping paper and also saves money because the wrapping is part of the gift! This can also be made really cute.

Some of my best wrapping ideas:
-Put outdoor and gardening supplies in a flower pot
-Baby gifts in a toy bin or baby bathtub
-Wrap boxes in cute blankets or scarfs
-Tools in a toolbox
-Camping supplies in a backpack
-Beach bag with summer gift
-Kid toys in a beach bucket

For more great ideas on alternatives to wrapping paper visit, Planet Green's website.

1 comment:

  1. It's true Kimmy, functional wrapping is the best. I found that thin receiving blankets make great "tissue paper" and I love receiving practical wrapping as well. Very cool.