Friday, March 13, 2009

Frugal Friday!

Today's Frugal Friday tip is a big one! To save money, we just got rid of our cable!!! That's right, can you believe it!!! But, it's really not that bad, actually I haven't missed any of my favorite show!
First off, we try not to have the TV on to much when Molly is awake, but after she goes to bed at 8pm, I admit, I love having the TV on, even if it is just for sound. But we have discovered that a lot of the shows we watched, you can actually watch the full episodes on the stations website! Else, we can also watch most of our shows on hulu, so we aren't paying a pricey cable bill, and still can watch our favorite TV, and the best part is, we can watch our shows anytime of the day, not just Thursday at 9pm.
Also, we have found that Netflix saves us a ton of money, no late fees on movies and you can rent entire seasons of TV shows, as well as upload as many shows as you want for under $9 a month, much cheaper than cable, and Molly can still watch Kim Possible!

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