Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday's Spotlight!

This warmer weather is FANTASTIC!!! Today we played outside for over 6 hours! Wow, we had worse spring fever than I thought. So for today's Sunday Spotlight, I thought I would list my favorite parks in West Michigan!
For Hiking-
I love Pigeon Creek, and Riley Trails. Pigeon creek is really nice, it is also where we cross country ski in the winter, it has a lodge, maps and bathrooms. Even lighted trails. Riley Trails is in Holland and is a bit more rustic, but the trails are easy to follow.
For Playgrounds-
We love Hager Park in Jenison, it is a great set up for all ages, Molly could even crawl on some of the equipment last year, when she was just learning to crawl. You can also walk on the grass map of the United States. It has a bathroom and a working drinking fountain too!
Another great option is Timber Town in Zeeland, it is a lot like Hager but also has a pond with ducks and a skateboard area.
For Beaches-
We defiantly have a lot of great beached in West Michigan, but my favorite for families is Tunnel Park in Holland. It has a free place to park, bathrooms, playground equipment, a tunnel leading to the beach, and a giant dune to run down! So much fun!

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