Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Molly Physical Therapy Update

I thought I would update here the same thing I posted on Molly's Carepage, in case you don't follow there. :)

Today we headed to Mary Free Bed, outpatient this time :), for Molly's follow up physical therapy session. 2 weeks ago when we left there, Molly still wasn't able to walk on her own, and kind of leaned right a bit and didn't quite have her balance back. The physical therapist thought that with how fast she was improving, that with a little more time to get her strength back she would be doing much better. So, instead of decided to do outpatient therapy then, he wanted to check her after she had time to get stronger.

So, today was the day they were going to decide if she would need more therapy or not. Molly met with the physical therapist this morning for an hour. Molly did fantastic, and was having a lot of fun playing the "games" with the therapist. They decided she doesn't need any further therapy, YEAH! They were very surprised at how well she was doing and said she is right back on track for her age. We did get a few different things to work on at home to help build strength. We are hoping to start Molly doing gymnastics for the summer, which will really help with a lot of those different exercises.

Molly's next doctors appointment is next Thursday with her Neurosurgeon. We are getting anxious for this one, and ready to see what he has to say. We have also been noticing that Molly is getting very tired again the past couple days, and looking very worn down. Hopefully this is normal and part of the healing process, they said it takes 3 months, but we will be checking this out next Thursday.

Thanks for continuing to think of and pray for our Molly. We are SO grateful for each one of you.


  1. Thank God! I am so happy to see she is doing so well! God is so great!

  2. Molly is amazing, I can not believe how great she is doing after everything she has been through! Praise God! :)

  3. So glad she is doing so well!! I wish I could be on here more! The card books are such a cute idea! I am horrible, and have pretty much thrown out all of her cards...but will probably make card books for the next big thing! :)