Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Going to Disney? "Almost Wordless Wednesday"

Molly LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Cinderella. At some point every single day, she is wearing her Cinderella dress and having everyone in character playing along, even the cat, lol. So, I am pretty sure we are going to take her to Disney World in October!!!! After seeing her go through so much pain and trauma, I wanted to treat her to something she will LOVE. We weren't planning on going to Disney until our girls were quite a bit older and we could save more for the trip, but we are sure now is the time. :)

So, my question for all of you....

Any tips on going to Disney with young kids? What to do? Where to stay? Should we fly or drive? Any tips you have would be appreciated. :) THANKS!!!


  1. when you get there, go to a grocery store and buy bottled water, gerber graduate meals or something like that which Molly would like, packable snacks. You can take food into the park and doing that saved us SOOOOO much money! Plan on hitting the water/spray zones at each of the parks, its hot in FL in October! Get fastpasses for the rides you want to ride when you first get to the park. animal kingdom was Nathan's favorite last June (of disney parks). Seaworld was his absolute favorite of all the parks and we went twice. Most of the parks have an option for parents where you can all three (four) go up in line (for the big rides) and then you can ride first and your hubby can get a parent ticket. He'll wait for you at the exit and when you come out the exit, he walks back up the exit with the ticket and misses all the lines and gets to ride. something like a parent swap. sea world has it too. the rental strollers are really nice and offer great sleeping room. :)

  2. I don't have any tips but I know if it were me I'd definitely fly. There's no way I'd want to take a long road trip with a toddler and a baby. That's the only suggestion I have to offer. :) I think that's awesome that y'all are going to take Molly to Disney! She definitely deserves it!

  3. Yeah!!! Molly will love Disney! I have never stayed in them but I know that there are many disney hotels and I am sure there are package deals. I am so excited for you guys! you definetly deserve a trip like this.

  4. I would recommend going to the library adn checking out the Disney vacation books. We planned where and when we would go places using the books as a guide. Our daughters were super into the princesses. So went went to Magic Kingdom and did the princess bfast in Epcot. We also went to Animal Kingdom. We went with the park hopper pass just so we would have the convenience to come and go as we pleased. With young kids it pays to be flexible.

    When we went w/our 3 and 4 year old daughters we stayed at the economy resort, All Star Movie. It was nice and affordable. But for a little more money you can stay at a resort that is a step above the economy resort. Disney has free dining thru Oct, so you should def take advantage of that.

    I fed ex'ed a large suitcase full of snacks and some clothing items. It saved us from having to lug the suitcase through the airport w/our two young kids and it was empty for the return flight so we could put our purchases in them. With air lines charging for luggage, it may work out well to ship some stuff. It went right to our hotel and was waiting in our room for us when we arrived. It cost me $50 and was soooo worth it!! They came to our house and picked up the suitcase.

    We brought sippee cups filled w/water and our own snacks into the park. I did granola bars and trail mix. We never ate in the park, only at our resort. Saved money for us but w/free dining, you don't have to worry about that. : ) We also bought to drink mugs that have free refills for my husband and I to use b/c we are pop drinkers. : )

    We also rented the double stroller. It was great and convenient. I paid for the 5 days (I think it was $100)the first day so we wouldn't have to monkey with it every time we entered a park. I know there are outside rental places that will have a stroller delivered to your room and they are cheaper. It would be nice to have a stroller to use to walk back to the bus area. But it's nice not having to lug a stroller on a full bus. : )

    Have fun!!! We sure did and can't wait to go back!! : )


  5. go to It is an online forum about all things disney. You can ask questions or search for things you want to know about as well as read trip reports which is where I have learned most of the things for our upcoming trip.. as well as get creative ideas for fun things to add to your trip.