Saturday, October 29, 2011

Candy Jars!

It's a little hard to see from the picture, but since I had out my glass etching stuff the other day, I had to etch these fun candy jars. :) I used cheap little jars from Hobby Lobby and etched C-A-N-D-Y on the fronts. I figured I can change the candy each season and keep using them. I'm thinking I can use red and green M&Ms for Christmas.

The letters look much darker in real life, but in this picture I think you can see the glass etching a little better. (Yup, Randal is going to start hiding the glass again, he's worried I may etch everything, it is SO addicting.)
This fun idea was inspired from Random Thoughts of a Supermom. Check out her fun jars! :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Super QUICK and EASY Halloween snack!

Somedays I am definitely more motivated to come up creative snacks and crafts, and other days I want something super easy, and quick but still fun! So... here is the QUICKEST and EASIEST Halloween treat ever. All you moms might think it's lame, but let me tell you, the kids LOVE it!

Are you ready for this... just stick a Halloween Peep on the end of a sucker stick! That's it, my kids were thrilled (granted they were probably thrilled for the sugar, but still). :)

And, I avoided the sticky fingers this way! :)

Gotta love it!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I finally found a jar (in my basement stash of IKEA jars) to make up an ISPY game for Molly. I got this idea from Meet the Dubiens after seeing her idea on Pinterest.

And, of course I had to glass etch I-SPY onto the bottle. (yes, I still have my glass etching addiction, my husband was nervous when he saw me get the Armour Etch back out) ;)

Here are the random things we added to our jar. I printed a copy of this picture, laminated it, and added a ring to the corner so I could hook it to the metal on the top of the jar. I filled the jar with white rice, and then hot glued the top on for extra assurance it wouldn't open. Molly's favorite thing to search for are the letter beads to spell her name! :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Outfit Organization!

Here is our solution to helping Molly get ready in the morning and keeping mom sane. :) Molly always wants to pick her own outfit, but most of the time it doesn't work, (like shorts in the cold, etc.). So, instead I help her pick out all of her outfits for the week on Sunday, and she puts them into the drawers for the day she wants to wear them, complete with socks and undies, totally ready to go!

I cut out the days of the week with pink vinyl, and put them on the front of each drawer. Our set is actually 2 sets of 3 drawers stacked on top of each other.

Of course, when I got around to taking a picture, it was already the end of the week, so you only get to see one outfit. :)

This has been working SO good for us. Molly loves to help pick her outfits and have control of what day to wear each one. It also makes her getting ready on her own much easier, and I always know everything is clean and good to go. No more frantically searching for white legging before preschool. :)

Need a Smile!

I haven't had a chance to post lately with lots of craziness going on over here, but I was busy with projects and have lots of great things to post soon! Here is something to make you smile in the mean time...

Yes, Molly is doing Sit and Be Fit, the exercise show for the elderly! HAHAHA! I heard the TV turn on while I was washing dishes, and figured I would tell her to turn it off when I was done. But then she came running into the kitchen asking to borrow a towel, so I figured something had spilled, but she told me nothing had. So I let her borrow a towel, and then dried off my hands to go see what had happened, and I found this..... She was SO into it, so of course, I had to run and grab the camera. :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Pinkalicious Party!

For Molly's 4th birthday, she wanted to have a Pinkalicious Party! She LOVES the Pinkalicious book series, and everything pink for that matter! So the Sat. after her birthday, we had family and family friends over for a Pinkalicious afternoon. :)

We had lots of Pinkalicious decorations, including Goldie, from Goldilicious on the table.

It ended up being a nice day, so I decorated the deck with these fun lights made from plastic cups!

I just love this craft! I saw it on Pinterest, it's from Better Homes and Gardens, you can see the how-to here. I just used white cups, a bunch of pink papers, double sided tape, and an exacto knife to cut an X in the top. It is so easy to pull the cups off and replace them with another color for other parties. :)

Pink water bottle labels, I just printed the picture and words onto pink paper, and used clear packaging tape to put them on water bottles.

Pink lemonade, like in Pinkalicious and the Pink Drink! Thanks to Rachelle for letting me borrow this awesome lemonade drink dispenser!

A super yummy PINK desert bar, complete with pink cookies, pink marshmellows, pink gumballs, pink chocolate wands, pink candy, and of course pink cupcakes!!!

The pink star wands are just melted pink chocolate in a star mold I got from Hobby Lobby. :)

I tried to make the cupcakes look exactly like the ones Pinkalicious eats in the book.

They are just strawberry cupcakes, in pink cupcake liners. Then I just put pink vanilla frosting on them, white sprinkles, red icing and a cherry on top!

Molly loved them!

And anyone who wanted to could decorate there own cupcake cookie. Here is Cassie, Molly and Shelby decorating. :)

We had all the guest wear pink. Here Molly and her cousin Maisy are showing off there pink. Molly decided she needed to wear her pink crown, because Pinkalicious wears a crown in the book!

And I made Molly's cousin Dominic a Pink-A-Boo shirt (just like Pinkalicious's brother Peter says when he turns pink) using Heat-Transfer paper.

We had crowns and wands for Molly and her cousins to decorate like Pinkalicious has in the book. Also, bubbles and Pinkalicious coloring pages to keep the kids busy!

Here is Nora modeling her crown. :)

And we had "Green" food for everyone to take when they left to cure a case of Pinkatitis!

In the book, if you eat to much pink you turn pink! So the only cure is to eat "Green" food.

We had a lot of fun! And are so grateful for everyone who came to celebrate with us! This is just a few of my 100 or so pictures of the party, lol, but since this post it getting a little picture heavy, I'll wrap it up here. :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

DIY Ballet Bar

A few weeks ago Molly started a preschool ballet class and LOVES it! She was very excited to practice, and is always dancing around the house doing plies! So we thought it would be great to get a ballet bar to practice with, especially since most of you know, Molly has huge balance issues after her surgery and we are loving that the bar helps give her balance. BUT, seriously, all the bars I found are WAY, WAY to expensive, especially since she may only do dance for a year or two!

So, here is the cheap alternative my husband made. It is working out perfect, and is super solid. He just went to the local hardware store, and bought a bunch of threaded metal pipe and connectors, then screwed them together! Easy Peasy! The top bar of ours is 4 foot, and the two side bars and 3 foot each.

Here is what the two bases look like, this makes it very sturdy. It's a T joint, 2 short straight pipes, the L joints ( I think, lol, I don't know all the correct terminology ) and then two 1 inch pipes and 2 circle bases.
We put the two 1 inch pipes before the bottom because that made it the correct height for Molly, but as she gets taller, we can change these to 2 or 3 inches each to raise the height.

Here is the happy ballerina practicing! She doesn't always have such a goofy smile, but she was not to thrilled about having to look at a camera when she was "supposed" to be practicing. :)

And there you go, that's how we put together our own ballet bar. I know that wasn't really a tutorial, but if you have any questions, please let me know. :)