Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ever Have One of Those Days....

...we do! Our afternoon was "One of Those..."

Needless to say, my children have both been sound asleep since 7:10, so they were TIRED!
Hopefully we all wake up on the right side of the bed tomorrow, and todays 4 year old shots don't affect Molly to much tomorrow!

But... even cranky they are still pretty cute! :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Birthday Bedroom Balloons!

For Molly's birthday I wanted to do something with balloons, since my girls LOVE balloons. First I thought I would blow up a bunch of balloons and fill the floor in her room with them, but then I rethought that idea, since I would probably end up policing the 1 year old all day not to play rough with them!

Then I saw this AWESOME idea (well surfing Pinterest) from A Girl and A Boy to thread a strand of balloons and hang them from the ceiling!!! LOVE!!!

I bought 3 packs of balloons at Walmart for .97 cents each, had my husband blow them up, (thanks babe) then just threaded them into three long strands. Instead of hanging them with thumbtacks, I used Command Decorating clips since Molly's walls are smooth and I wanted to be able to remove them. So Easy!

We actually did this well she was sleeping since she is such a heavy sleeper, and in the morning she was SO thrilled. Both her and Nora were laying in her room staring at the balloons all day! This will definitely be a new tradition!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Miss Molly!!!

Happy 4th Birthday to our amazing Molly!!!
I feel so blessed to be her mom, and so grateful for the miracle that helped her to reach 4!

I quick made this shirt for her to wear this morning, the same way I made these.
I just used pink flower fabric, Steam-A-Seam, and a white t-shirt. :)

She has felt very special today, and even got to pass out a birthday treat at school! Now we are heading to a birthday dinner of her choice with just mom and dad, she picked Chinese buffet, smart girl! :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pink Crayons!

For Molly's birthday party with family this weekend, she choose to have a Pinkalicious Party. So, to go with the coloring pages I printed for her and her cousins to do, I wanted to have a box of all pink crayons!

But, since a custom box of crayons is $10.99, YIKES! I knew that wasn't going to happen in this stay at home moms budget! So, instead I bought 24 boxes of crayons when they were .20 cents each during the back to school sales, and switched the colors. Now I have 24 boxes of crayons, each with there own color! So instead of spending $263.76 for 24 custom boxes of crayons, I spent $4.80. :) Yeah, for a good deal!

And now, instead of looking everywhere for a black crayon, or a red crayon, we just get out that box and have 24 to choose from. :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Apple Rice Krispie Treats!

Since today was the first day of school for Molly, we made these fun Apple Rice Krispie Treats for an evening snack!

We found the idea and recipe for these over at Gourmet Mom on-the-go. They use marshmellows, butter, cherry Jell-O, and Rice Krispies. Then you add a tootsie roll and green taffy for the tops. (to make the leaf, I just used a kitchen scissors to cut up a green air head) The Jell-O makes them SO yummy!!!

Molly was a HUGE fan!

And Nora loved getting sticky! Seriously these were super easy, and yummy! Even dad ate two!

1st Day of School!

This morning was Molly's first day of 4 year old preschool! She was very excited! I think she is looking so much older that the first day of school last year! ( I tried to talk her out of the scarf, but this girl loves her accessories, lol! )

She literally ran up to the school, so couldn't wait! She has been asking everyday if it is time to go to preschool yet!

She was excited to find her locker, and see her teachers. She has the same teachers as last year, so she was happy!

And just because this silly girl can't pose for pictures with out doing funny poses...

I had to add these pictures, because they are cracking me up. I think she is teaching Nora how to be silly in pictures!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Crayon Wreath!

To go along with our "Back to School" decorations, I made this fun crayon wreath!
I got this fun idea from Katie at A Listmaker's Life. :)

I got a foam wreath form from the dollar store and hot glued a green ribbon around it, then I just hot glued crayons onto the front, and used push pins to put a ribbon hanger on!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Wax Crayon Craft!

With preschool starting next week (we are a little bit of a later start over here) for Molly, we are starting our back to school crafts to get ready for Monday!

We saw this fun craft over at Funny Days A to Z, and had to give it a try. First we hot glued crayons to the top of a white canvas.

Then we used a blow-dryer on the hot setting to start heating up the crayons.

Molly loved helping with this part, she was SO excited for them to start melting!

Here is what they looked like when they started melting! SO cool, but messy. I'm glad at the last minute I decided it would be a good idea to do this on the deck!

Once the crayons were heated up and started melting, the canvas filled up pretty fast.

Here is Molly's finished masterpiece, ours may not win any awards for looks, but it sure was fun!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cheese Faces!

We saw the idea to make these fun cheese head snacks from Family Fun. Ours are pretty simple, but the possibilities are endless! We used Wilton edible food markers for the faces. My girls definitely are quicker to eat something when they help make it, and it's fun!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sock Monkey Birthday Cake!

Here is the fun cake I made for my friends sons 1st birthday party! He had a sock monkey themed party with red and blue decorations. The party was SO adorable, and I was so honored that she asked me to make the cake. :) I got the idea for this cake from here.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Apple Hats!

In the fall we love to head to the U-Pick orchard to pick apples, so when I saw this free pattern for this adorable knit apple hat, I just knew my girls would need them for this year. :)

But, since I lack knitting skills, I had my amazing Mother-In-Law whip these cute hats up. She is super quick; I printed her the pattern one day, and the next afternoon they were done. Seriously talented. :)

Here Nora is showing off how cute the hat turned out! (and how cute she is, but I may be a bit bias :)

Molly had the same hat, just a bit bigger. I thought about doing a green one too, but not sure that would still look like an apple.

We had a great morning picking apples!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Glow Stick Wands!!!

I picked up these awesome glow stick wands I saw at the Dollar Store today, after the girls had so much fun playing with the glow sticks our friends brought along camping.

We took them out on the deck tonight, and the girls had SO much fun playing! Seriously, the easiest entertainment we've had in a long time. I just cracked them, shook them up, and handed them over... then sat back and watched them play! :)

Here Molly was stirring, doesn't it look cool!

Molly was trying to show Nora how to write her name, lol.

We had one...

...make that two happy girls.

All for $2, I think I will need to make another trip to the Dollar Store for these. :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Googly Eye Fun!

Molly asks to do a craft everyday, (don't know who she gets this from, lol) some days we have big, time consuming crafts, and others I need something super quick and easy... That is were this fun craft idea from Frugal Family Fun Blog (one of my absolute favorite blogs) was perfect!

We looked through magazines and picked out some fun pictures to cut and glue to a piece of cardstock. Then Molly added peel and stick googly eyes to the pictures to make them fun!

Seriously funny!!! (If you notice in the top picture, she even turned two into silly monsters, lol, that girl cracks me up!)