Sunday, May 9, 2010

Care Pages!!! Thank You All!!!

I just wanted to post to say, "Thank You So Much," for all you thoughts, prayers and support during Molly's hospitalization, surgery and recovery. We are so blessed and lucky to have so many people thinking about and caring for us.

I am sorry that I really didn't get to blog about the whole experience. Everything was just so fast and busy, so I only had enough time and energy to post in one spot. I used CarePages to update on Molly's brain tumor, hospital stay, surgery, etc. If you are interested in reading this, you have to sign up with CarePages, but it is free. Read Molly's story here. It is a great site that lets people read updates on what is going on, and easily post comments.

Tomorrow I will post a summarized version of what has been happening in the last few weeks. We are very happy that Molly is doing AMAZING, and we are all home getting back into the swing of things.



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