Sunday, December 6, 2009

Nativity Set - Spotlight Sunday!

This week I wanted to show off Molly's amazing Nativity Set! My Grandpa (Molly's Great Grandpa) cut out the pieces in wood, and then my talented Aunt Amy took the time to paint them for my daughter and my niece. I think they are fantastic!

I let Molly set them up on the dresser in her room, she is so excited to have something special of her own for Christmas in her room. She talks about them everyday, and I love how it gives me the opportunity to talk about it with her and tell her about why we celebrate Christmas.

Right now she loves the sheep.

I wish I was talented enough to make these!

She's going to enjoy them forever!

Now I am just in need of finding a really good book about The Christmas Story to read to a two year old. We have read a few from the library, but nothing like I had hoped. If anyone has any suggestions let me know.

And thanks again for the hard work and great Nativity Set Grandpa and Amy, we LOVE it.


  1. Hey Kim,
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  2. I just bought Emerson The Story of Christmas by Patricia A. Pingry. I found it at Target. I thought it explained the story of Jesus' birth quite well. It's also a small, hardcover book, perfect for her age! :)

  3. Maisy loves having hers in her room too...but she already "misplaced" baby Jesus. The hunt is on. Oops! :)