Monday, December 28, 2009

Hope Your Christmas Was Great!

I hope everyone had a great and blessed Christmas. We are definitely feeling very blessed and loved this holiday.

We have had a week filled with family parties and visiting with great friends from out of town. Although I have still been feeling really sick at some point each day (only about 7 weeks left!) and the ice and snow, we managed to make it to all of the services, parties and events we were hoping too. We have the best family and friends in the world, and we loved being able to celebrate Christmas with them.

We have also been VERY spoiled this year. Seriously! I have never felt so surprised.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures...

Watching Molly enjoy the parties and gifts was so much fun. 2 is such a fun age!

My friend Stacy surprised her with this AMAZING new bike. She hasn't got off it is days, seriously, after 3 hours I had to make her take a break for lunch. :)

Molly thought she better get out her tools to help Daddy put together her new table and chairs. Not sure the saw will help, but she loved "helping."

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and a wonderful break.


  1. I love the pictures!! I'm so happy to see a new posting:)

  2. I love that last picture of her! Shes so adorable!!

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