Friday, November 20, 2009

Frugal Friday

We have been super busy this week in "Potty Training Land," Molly decided she was too old for diapers on Tuesday, so I ran with it at started potty training even though I was hoping to hold off until January, after the holiday's. It is going pretty good, but man, it is tiring for MaMa! I am exhausted, lol, I have been hitting the bed at 8pm this week, even missing Law and Order SVU! WHOA!!!

Anyways, hopefully we will be back in the swing of things (and diaperless!) this coming week, but here is something to check out Monday and all next week!

Amazon is starting a week of Black Friday Deals on Monday, Nov. 23. They will be adding new, great deals all day, everyday next week. It's a must to checkout. I don't know if your like me, but I get all my shopping and wrapping done next week, and what I don't find in stores, Friday night I usually end up ordering from They have free shipping if you spend $25 or over, which is SO nice. So head on over next week with me and see what great deals they have to offer!!!

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