Sunday, November 1, 2009

Frugal Friday, Sew Something Saturday, and Spotlight Sunday in ONE!!!!

I'm so happy that this project if finally done. I picked up a puppet stage at a "Kids Closet Sale" a month ago for only $5. I was so excited that I got such a good deal, but it definitely needed some work. Here is the picture of the "Newly Redone" Stage... :)
I painted it with black chalkboard paint so the kids can write there names or what play they are doing on it. LOVE chalkboard paint, it is so fun. I also sewed some cute black curtains with colored polka dots for it.

They look much more colorful and cuter on the puppet stage. :)

Now... Here is what it looked like before...

But I can't leave you with that, so one more picture of the after, just because I am so excited...