Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tip Tuesday!

So when I was on the train to Chicago yesterday, I took out my Ipod to listen to. I didn't know what I was in the mood for, so I just put it on random. Much to my surprise, I didn't even know some of the songs, and really didn't like quite a few of them... hum... isn't this my Ipod which I chose what songs to put on... hahaha. Whoopsies, what was I thinking when I put some of those songs on their?

So today's tip, put your Ipod on Random, and get rid of the songs you don't like or don't know.

Here are some of my favorite songs on my Ipod-
-I Am, Nicole C. Mullen
-Remember Me, Mark Schultz
-Independent Love Song, Scarlett O'
-Daddy's Money, Ricochet
-Now & Then, Susanna Hoffs

Here are some that got DELETED-
-Another Suitcase In Another Hall, I think this was from Evita...
-Chica Bonita, by Shaggy, HAHAHA
-Dear Diary, by Britney Spears
-I Grave My 24/7 To You, by 2gether (anyone else see this movie?)
-Into Your Arms, by the Lemonheads, huh???


  1. HAHAHAHAHAH Chica Bonita by Shaggy. That is awesome. Before I can delete songs from my Ipod, I have to get some uploaded. You'd be proud though, I did start to rip some of my CD's to our computer. And Maryellen told me that you can buy songs really cheap at walmart.com. I've got to get some NKOTB!

  2. Too funny! I was going on a trip last week and thought I should have grabbed my ipod but I have listened to the songs so many times now that I perfer to scan the radio for "oldies" songs that I don't have. So silly, I guess it is time for me to spring clean my song list and add some of those oldies. :)

  3. This cracked me up b/c I have been listening to my tunes on the laptop lately on random to sort out which ones I'm so over! It's taking me awhile to get through my 800+ songs...seriously do I really need all those hanging around??
    I love I Am, by NCM.

  4. I have some on my ipod that I don't like, but I usually listen to podcasts, instead of music so it's not a big deal yet.

    As for your 101 list...just write stuff, and then just think you can always add more when you get rid of some of your stuff! :) It was hard for me too...but not because I didn't want to forget stuff, but because I didn't have enough stuff. After I posted, then I thought of a ton more things!

  5. Oh yeah, and another book I recomend is Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. It was an awesome book too!