Monday, June 22, 2009

Menu Monday!

Hope everyone is enjoying the first week of summer with some picnics and great summer recipes. Here is what we are having this week!

Monday- Dinner with family for brother's birthday
Tuesday- Grilling hot dogs
Wednesday- Bean Quesadillas
Thursday- Asian Crock Pot
Friday- Spaghetti
Saturday- Date night

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  1. Hello!! I just saw that you left me a comment on my fourlittleloves blog!! You left in about a month ago....I hardly ever post to that blog but I post to my Childrens Nest all of the time! asked what I stuffed my floor pillows with. I just used like a 5 lb box of fiberfill from Walmart. They are holding up great with four kids too!! So sorry I am just getting back to you!! BTW you have a cute blog!!