Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mario Party!

This past weekend was Randal's 30th birthday!!! So Friday night we had a Mario party, Randal has always been a huge Nintendo and Mario fan, so it was a ton of fun!

After some borrowing from family, we were able to set up 4 TV's with video games to play. We had 2 Wii's set up and our old Game Cube and Super Nintendo. It was so fun to have it so everyone could play.

Game Cube and Super Nintendo stations!

Our friends Brad and Autumn brought this fun Mario puzzle. Here is the group of us that put it together, haha! Who knew puzzles were so fun!

I printed these question mark blocks on cardstock and laminated them to use as coasters.

Super easy Mario star cupcakes. I just used store frosting and cut fondant stars for the tops, then just used my food writer pens to draw on the eyes.

And warp tubes filled with fireballs. I just spray painted two sections of PVC pipe green to look like the tubes in Mario.

And no Mario party would be complete without chocolate Mario and Luigi mustaches for everyone!!!

And a LOT of Wii karaoke! My ears will never be the same!

This party was SO much fun! Randal had a great time, and I think all his Nintendo loving friends did too.

The girls slept over at my parents, but before they left Molly had to tryout the Super Nintendo!

And Nora had to model these fun Goomba hats, my mother-in-law knitted for the party! I think we need a family picture wearing these! I saw the idea for these here.

I saw the fun ideas for mustaches and warp pipes from this amazing party at Grey Grey Designs.


  1. SO cute! :) You are so great at throwing parties! I hope next year I will be able to do more fun stuff! :)