Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Digging Out, Pajama Day!

While Randal was busy digging us out from the snow, the girls and I stayed in and enjoyed a pajama day! We took full advantage of not having to go anywhere, Nora's doctors appointment was even rescheduled! So, we put dinner in the crock-pot so I wouldn't have to stop and cook and got busy having a day of play! We built forts, danced, played barbies, crafted, built towers, baked muffins, and so much more. Here are a few of the girls highlights...

Molly worked really hard decorating her kazoo. We found an easy tutorial on how to make kazoos at UCreate With Kids.

Then we had a ton of fun playing with them the rest of the day!

Another big hit of the day was playing with snow in the sink. After we came in from playing outside, Molly really wanted to go back out. So instead, I compromised and filled the sink with snow to play in. She thought it was the coolest thing ever, and spent almost an hour "cooking" with the snow!

I just threw a bunch of random cups, bowls, scoops and kitchen utensils in the snow, and let her get busy playing!

Nora's favorite part of the day was crawling over all the pillow mountains while we were building forts. She had more fun hiding in them, and climbing up and down, over and around!


  1. How fun! Molly looks like she is having a BLAST! As does Nora! :) What a fun mom you are! :)

  2. Love the snow in the sink idea. So great!

  3. So much fun!!! It sounds like you have a great day. I made it into work last night but I left at 8:45. i left work at 10:00 after Brad called and told me that I could get into the driveway. There were 3-4(maybe 5 in some spots) foot drifts in our driveway and there was no way for Brad to get out. So he was home today too. I am glad to here that you had a fun "family" day!

  4. Oooh, we need to bring some snow inside! Great idea!