Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What We've Been Up To...

Life has definitely not slowed down over here. We are BUSY, but having lots of fun along the way. Randal has off of work this week, so we are using every minute. I have been trying to get caught up on a ton of projects and get the house ORGANIZED. So far so good. :) Here is a few of the things We've Been Up To...

I made a practice cake for Nora's birthday. We are having a very hungry caterpillar party, and I wanted to try and see if I could make the cake. Since I had never tried fondant before, practice was needed. It was super fun, stay tuned for her real cake in Feb. I have a lot more I want to do to her cake. :)

Molly has been crafting like crazy. She LOVES to craft! I wonder who she gets that from...

Nora is crawling all over the place, and pulling up on EVERYTHING, even her sister! She is loving eating real food, and can't get enough chicken and pancakes! I can hardly believe she will be one in a month!

And Molly just gets older every time I look at her! She is doing great in preschool and gymnastics. Later this month she will have another MRI. We will also be meeting with the pediatric ophthalmologist about her eye surgery.

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  1. She is so adorable! Ha, I say she, and you say, she who??? They are both adorable! I can tell I didn't get enough sleep in my sleep deprived state of trying to type this!

    I LOVE that cake! How fun!