Sunday, January 9, 2011

Car Emergency Kit!

Lately we have been noticing our car kit is extremely lacking, we are out of Kleenex and band-aids, and when we got out the flashlight the other day, the batteries were leaking acid. Needless to say, since it was -4 degrees today, it was the perfect time to redo the Emergency Car Kit in case we ever need it.

Here is what we put in ours:
-General First-aid Kit
-Disposable Camera
-Hand Sanitizer
-Hat and Gloves
-Dry Socks
-Duct Tape
-Multi-tool and Knife
-Organic Fruit Leather
-Hand Warmers
-Notepad and Pencil
-10 $1 bills
-Plastic bag
-Bungee Cords
-Jumper Cables
-Tire Gauge
-Glow Stick

I got the idea to put it in a clear container and label it with my silhouette from Life In The Thrifty Lane. Thanks for the GREAT idea. :)


  1. You got a silhouette? When??? How did I not know this? How do you like it? I am thinking of getting one...maybe this summer...but have been going back and forth between that and the cricut... would love your input!

    Oh, and I almost forgot, that is a great idea! :)

  2. Hello Kim! Great idea to have a car emergency kit, and I like the sign on the side of the container too. Thanks for linking back!

  3. That’s a nifty list! Hmm, it’s been almost two years since you posted this; have you updated your list already? I think adding a set of batteries would be great as you never know when you need extra power. Well, I hope you didn’t use your kit at all! :D

    Nelson Heimer