Sunday, July 11, 2010

Name Art!

I couldn't wait to post the craft I made today (that's why the picture is not great, I just finished it and took it outside, even though it's 9pm). I took these pictures of things outside that had the letters of our last name over a year ago with hopes to find a frame with 7 spots. I never found a frame that would work, until this weekend when I got the idea to just use a scrap piece of wood.

Here's what I did:
-I cut a board to the size I wanted
(ok, I had my husband do that, but I could have, hehe)
-I painted the board black
-I Modge Podged the pictures onto the board
-I Modge Podged the top of all the pictures
-I sprayed the whole thing with sealer to make sure it stays nice

Yeah! It feels so good to finish this project, and I am actually really happy I never found a frame. I love how this turned out.


  1. This is SO cool! I always see the letters, but never bought them....such a good idea to take the pics yourself! I lovee how this turned out and it was a neat idea using a piece of wood! :)

  2. Super Cute Kim!!!! I have had this idea for Elliott but could not find a 7 photo picture frame. I will have to do what you did. I have had the pictures for well over a year now but needed a frame.

  3. I really like this! I have seen a lot of these around...but haven't taken the time to find my own letters...