Monday, July 26, 2010

Molly Update and MRI Tomorrow!

Here is a quick Molly update for those of you who were wondering how things are going. I posted this on her Carepage today.
To read a bit on Molly's story go HERE.

Hi everyone!

I thought it was time to do a Molly update and let you all know how things are going. Molly is doing great, and is loving being home and enjoying the summer. Most of you know that about a week and a half ago she fell down the bottom few stairs in our house and broke her arm. I know, I couldn't believe it, poor girl has been through enough this year. Anyways, we had to go and have it re-xrayed in the cast this morning to make sure it was healing correctly. It turned out it hasn't healed at all and is maybe a little bit worse, which is discouraging, so we will go back next week to have it xrayed again and hopefully see improvement. (mom is trying not to worry why it isn't healing.)

A few weeks ago, we also saw the Pediatric Ophthalmologist again for Molly's eyes. She said the double vision is probably gone, YEAH, and things are looking about 80% better, YEAH! So, as for now, they are going to continue to watch and see what happens here. We still notice one of her eyes drifting now and then, and her winking to refocus, but not near as much! We also had a follow up at Mary Free Bed, which went fine, they were very happy with her progress.

Tomorrow is the BIG day! In the morning Molly will have her first 3 month MRI with the neurosurgeon. For the next few years, she will have an MRI ever 3 months to make sure everything looks good, that there is no trace of anything unusual, and that the tumor is not coming back. Then they will eventually switch to every 6 months. We are getting pretty nervous about this, and anxious to get through it. The actually MRI takes about an hour, but since she is only 2 she has to be put under for it, and needs an IV. We are praying this all goes smoothly for her, Molly is very, very nervous around doctors now, after everything she went through and tends to freak out. After the MRI, we will get to meet with the doctor and go over the results in the afternoon. It is nice not to have to wait for these, and hopefully will help us not to have as long to worry and think about it. I will update here tomorrow night and let you all know how things went.

Thank you all so much for your continued thoughts and prayers! The support has been amazing, and we really appreciate everything.


  1. Good luck tomorrow! Did they tell you any reasons why it wouldn't be healing?

  2. That's too bad about her arm. I really hope it starts healing properly.

    I'll be thinking of y'all and hoping everything goes well tomorrow with good results.