Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cozy Coupe Cutified! Tip Tuesday!

Molly worked hard over the weekend washing her cozy coupe so that we could add these adorable vinyl flower stickers to it today! I think this is "Total Cuteness!" Having two girls and a old cozy coupe from a garage sale, I knew I had to girly it up a bit.

The vinyl has a 6 year outdoor warranty, so it should hold up in the elements. :) But can be removed if I ever had a boy or was giving it away!
Adorable, right? I saw this idea over at More Than The Mulberries.


  1. Such a cool idea! We've been pondering getting the pink one for Emerson, but I would love to do this to an orange one.

  2. Seriously, how do you find the time to do all of these cool things?

  3. I was checking all my old posts today and FINALLY got your comment about the ribbon flip-flops and first, thank you for linking to me (what an honor!) and also, yours turned out darling!

    Have a wonderful summer!

    I LOVE your name board...

  4. Oh! It looks great!! (It was easy too, wasn't it?!) Thanks for linking up to me, that was sweet of you.