Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tip Tuesday

This week I just learned that apparently you are supposed to clean out your coffee maker with white vinegar every couple months or so to keep it clean. (I know, everybody probably already does this, but I am not a coffee drinker... my husband is)

Anyways, in my hunt to make sure this is really what you do, I found this really cool site that tells you 1001 Uses for White Vinegar. I already sprayed my plant leaves with it, to see if my cat will leave it alone. It's full of tips, definitely worth checking out.

1 comment:

  1. I will be checking it out soon! Okay to answer all of your questions (I think)...I started running again today. I went this morning at 7...my lungs burned since I haven't went for 3 weeks, but it felt good...I couldn't run the whole time but I am back out there which is where ya have to start! :)

    We grill sometimes...it depends on if I remember to take stuff out for dinner or not. It hasn't been that nice here lately so we haven't been grilling but once summer is in full swing that is about all we do! It's so easy, and there aren't as many dishes to do if you grill (which to me is the best part!!!!)

    As for my quilt, I just laid it all out to see how it would fit together, and i think I am going to have to have some help. This is the first quilt Ihave actually gotten this far...so I might have to go out to the quilt shop to get it all fixed cause I am a little confused on the rest of it!

    Are you a green cleaner? I guess I mean...do you try to use more home made stuff to clean and do things with than the chemical side of things? I am going to try to find some eco/kid friendly weed killers...there are home remidies out there that won't harm your pets or your kids...