Thursday, April 5, 2012

Harry Potter Obsessed!

Since you all know we are fans of Harry Potter... I just couldn't resist whipping up this shirt for Nora. :)

I used the Silhouette I won (I know, I was SO lucky!) to cut "Muggle Born" in the Harry Potter font, and then cut it on heat transfer paper and ironed it on a black shirt.

Perfect attire for when the girls play with Randal's Potter Puppet Pals.


  1. awww so cute! Your daughters are adorable and you're a great crafter! We're big Harry Potter fans here, planning a party for June actually. I'm working on making magic wands and their boxes right now. I would love to make the puppets for my daughter. What pattern did you use?

  2. this is adorable. Where did you download the font from that worked in your silhouette?