Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dinosaur Train Movie Night!

Last week PBS kids showed a special Dinosaur Train movie to start off their 2nd season. We have watched this fun show a few times, and since Nora loves dinosaurs right now, I thought it would be fun to have a Dinosaur Train themed night!

We spent a ton of time playing with Nora's toy dinosaurs and Molly's wooden train, making our own version of the dinosaur train. I think Molly yelled "Time Tunnel" about 100 times!

Nora had just as much fun playing with the train. :)

And Molly had the train packed full of dinosaurs to go to the big city. :)

We printed off some Dinosaur Train iron-ons to add to some t-shirts from my dollar store stash. Super cute, easy, instant Dinosaur Train PJs.

For dinner, (which I am so bummed I didn't get a picture of) we had Roast and Goldfish crackers for the carnivores, and salad for the herbivores. :)

OK, I almost didn't share this part, because you will all think we are CRAZY. But Molly's favorite episode of Dinosaur Train is "Tiny Poops." Were Tiny Pteranodon has to get comfortable going to the bathroom away from home, lol. So... here is our dinosaur poop, truffles. :) I don't think Molly stopped laughing for 10 minutes!

And of course putting on our conductor hats (from our cousins adorable Thomas party)...

To watch the movie! Nora only made it about 10 minutes, but Molly loved it!

And for dessert, we made these birds nest chocolate treats to look like the Pteranodon nest. For the dinosaur eggs, we used yogurt covered peanuts. :)

Molly even added one different color M&M egg to her nest to look like Buddy's egg!


  1. This is seriously your best post ever, wow! I could never put something like this together. Awesome, how fun. Glad to see the conductor hats made an appearance! :)

  2. CUTE! Marlee would have loved all of that! I had no idea that they were doing a movie...bummed we missed it! That is Marlee's favorite show. :) And about the only one I let her watch-that one, sesame street, and word world. :)

    Seriously wish we could hang out!

  3. Kim.. this is so fun.. the girls are so cute and what a fun nite!!~~!!~!!