Sunday, October 17, 2010

Molly Update!

This past week I've been so nervous about Molly's appointment I haven't been doing anything I normally do. Now that it's done, me and the girls have been cooking and crafting like crazy and I have tons of fun things to share. :) And I am a week behind in reading all my friends blogs, I can't wait to sit and catch up. Thank you all for thinking of us this week.

Here is the update from the carepage. And, if you are new to my blog and this story, you can read about Molly's brain tumor and surgery here.

Today(Friday) Molly had an appointment with the Oncologist to go over the MRI from last week Thursday and for them to have a check up with her. This is always a long appointment, we first get checked in and then she has vitals, then a little later she has a physical, and then later she sees the doctor. Molly did great with all the waiting in between and stuff, they have a great toy/play room with child life specialists and paint, yup, paint is Molly's favorite, she was so happy!

The report was great. There was no change since July's MRI, which is fantastic! We were hoping that the mass would be gone this time, but now it looks like it won't be going away, so we will just hope and pray it continues to stay the same. As in July there is still something present in the posterior fossa region and the midline surgical tunnel that extends into the fourth ventricle is enlarged. There is also enhancement in the area the tumor was removed that is out of the ordinary, but as long as it doesn't grow or change consitencey they are just going to keep watching it. No change is good. :)

They did say during her physical that they were concerned about her eyes and think there might be some muscle damage. We do have an appointment with a new pediatric ophthalmologist next Thursday, so we are praying things go good then, and they can give us some answers on fixing her eyes.

Else, in 3 months she will have another MRI with her Neurosurgeon, and then another one in 6 months with the Oncologist again. Hopefully we make it through this next year with things staying the same, and can feel better about everything. We are constantly reminded watching our Molly how lucky we are things turned out so good, I can't believe where we are today, only 6 months after all of this started. We truly have been very blessed. Praying today for all of the sick kids we spent time with at the Hem/Onc clinic and there families.

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  1. So happy there wasn't any change...although I am praying that next time there is a BIG change, and that it's GONE! :) Thanks for the card, I just got it in the mail! :)

    Can't wait to see what you are up to! It's been crazy around here...but have a question for wanting to do a craft day at church, so that people can make things (pretty in-expensive) for Christmas, got any ideas??? The way it will work is we (me and some other volunteers) will have everything on display, and then will have a sign up sheet, and whoever signs up, will have come, we will show them how to make it (and have all supplies on hand) and then will make as many as they paid for. So it has to be something fairly easy to make, fairly easy to get all the supplies for, and something that you can make for $10 or less, that would be a cool gift to receive...I know kinda a tall order! :) If you have any good ideas let me know! :)

    Can't wait to see all the crafts you have been up to!