Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween Paper Dolls 2010

At The Idea Room I saw this fun link to make Halloween Paper Dolls from Gwenny Penny! They are so adorable, so I printed them out right away. Instead of using them as paper dolls, I laminated the clothes and put magnet on the back so she could dress up the boy and girl on the refrigerator. Head over HERE to get the link to print the PDF.

Molly loves them, the girl is always dressed as a princess. :)

Last year for Halloween we made these paper dolls.
Head here to see these ones. :)



  1. Too funny! I have a set of the dolls printed out and waiting for me to finish them with magnets like last years too!

  2. Those are super cute! I think we will be heading over there to print some off! :)

  3. Thanks so much for showing a picture of your daughter playing with the paper dolls I created! I LOVE the magnet idea. Fantastic!!!