Sunday, August 22, 2010

What Will It Bee!!! Baby Shower

This weekend my friend Alyssa and I threw a baby shower for our friend Kalli! She doesn't know if the sweet baby will be a boy or a girl, so we decided to have a "What Will It Bee," shower.

The invite we just designed in Print Shop and then rubber cemented to black and yellow card stock.

I also made sunflower ink pens to use for the thank you cards and the games. I put them in a flower pot painted with chalkboard paint and filled with coffee beans.

We had these fun sunflower cupcakes for dessert. I even found some cute sugar bees to put on them.

I made up these cute water bottle labels with "Thanks for BEEing Here" on them

I also was excited to make up some of these tissue paper pom poms. I was surprised how easy they were, and only .50 cents each. :)

Black and Yellow turned out so cute!

I found some cute bee boarders in my old scrapbook stuff, so I had to use them!

Alyssa brought some yellow and black M&Ms, got to love how cute they are. The best and tastiest decoration!

Lemons for the water and lemonade, and even a yellow bowl for ice. We had way to much fun with this theme!

The party was a lot of fun, and I hope Kalli enjoyed it as much as we loved throwing it for her!

I am so excited to meet her little peanut, and can't wait to celebrate every stage with them! We are so happy for you two! Congrats!

I got my inspiration for the Bee Shower here and for the sunflower cupcakes here.


  1. Okay, now seriously you need to live closer to me! That is so stinking cute! I would never have thought of that! And it looks fairly simple! :) I'm taking that idea for the next shower I throw! :)

  2. Super cute! I love all the ideas and decorations you came up with. :)

  3. This was the cutest shower ever. It was great and thank you so much for throwing it for me. I was such a good time!!!!

  4. Everything turned out sooo cute. You did a amazing job!

  5. What a pretty shower! I especially love the cupcakes, did you make them yourself?

    P.S. I'm really enjoying reading your blog!