Monday, June 14, 2010

Not Me Monday!

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

This week I most certainly did not let my 2 year old drink Sunny D in place of OJ, knowing that even though it is 100% vitamin C, it is only 5% juice. I would never let her drink that.

And I definitely didn't put my 4 month old in her bounce seat in the living room while her sister watched a DVD so I could make lunch, I know better than to ever let a baby watch TV.

I also did not leave all the laundry unfolded this week, so I could reread Eclipse before the movie comes out. I always fold the laundry after the girls are in bed, and would never let us live out of a pile on the floor all week.

This is my first week joining the "Not Me" fun, head over to read other fun things we "Didn't Do" over at My Charming Kids.


  1. I love reading "Not Me Mondays"! Good to know none of us are perfect. :) Sometimes I have my clean laundry sitting around for a week before I put it away...

  2. Oh yes, I still have laundry in the wash that I need to hang up from last night. But instead I sit here reading instead of all the other things I should be doing!

  3. Sometimes I leave laundry wet in the washer for so many days I have to rewash it. Ridiculous.