Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spotlight Sunday! Artwork Display Bar

I got this great idea to use a curtain rod and ring clips to make a way to display artwork in Molly's room from Frills, Fluff and Trucks. I love how it looks in Molly's room, and she absolutely loves picking out what artwork she wants to hang up to look at.

I got this silver rod and clips from Target. It took about 2 minutes to hang up, super easy and cheap. Love it!


  1. That looks so cute in there--and I love Molly's Easter bunny!

    ~ Sarah

  2. That is awesome too! I need to go to the dollar store to get some paper plates...I have none. I know crazy huh! :) But then we could make cute bunnies too! :)

  3. Very good idea I like how you can switch it around to accomodate different sized pieces of art work. Thanks for the birthday wishes, it was a good day!

  4. LOVE LOVE this!! I definitely am bookmarking this idea!