Monday, April 20, 2009

Tip Tuesday!

A great tip I found this week, was ideas to do with leftover Easter Candy! We have so many peeps sitting in the cupboard. My favorite was from Create Studio, she shows the idea to make a Peeps Smore, with a peep in place of a marshmallow, and Easter bunny chocolate.

Another site that had me laughing out load was Cooking With Peeps. I was pretty much rolling on the ground when I saw the picture of the peeps on the grill!!! Anyone have any other great ideas to use your leftover Easter candy?


  1. oh no - those poor peeps! :) I bet they taste very yummy as a smore

  2. Poached peeps! AHHAHAH AHaha ha ha! Love it.

  3. Leftover peeps? How did that happen? They hardly last until the end of Easter day here...I LOVE THEM!