Friday, April 3, 2009

Frugal Friday!

For this weeks "Frugal Friday" tip, I have to thank my mom. She started ripping dryer sheets in half when I was little, since I had such sensitive skin, it would be less irritating.

Now, we always rip our dryer sheets in half. It does just as good a job as a full sheet, and you get double your money since you get 2 halves out of every sheet. This is a very easy tip we use everyday to save money.


  1. I am the opposite - I always use two because I find my clothes have so much static still. :) I just bought "dryer balls" from Norwex and now I have been able to get away with using just one dryer sheet. Those things are so darn expensive! I think I'll try ripping them in half and see if,with the aid of the dryer balls, it still does the job. Thanks for the idea!