Thursday, April 19, 2012

Baking Soda and Vinegar Fun!

After seeing this fun idea on Pinterest from Preschool Alphabet, we heading to the pantry to find some baking soda and vinegar. I filled up a broiler pan with baking soda, then put vinegar in 4 paper cups and added different color food coloring to each.

Then I had the girls take turns picking a color and using the dropper to put it on the baking soda! They LOVED this activity.

Molly loved trying to make volcano paths and mixing the colors.

Nora took it very seriously, and was so sad when we ran out of baking soda!
Quick, easy fun!!!


  1. Thanks for letting me know that you guys did this! My kids would have loved using the kind of squirter you did ... it looks like it sucked up a lot more vinegar than the little eyedroppers. Your girls are cute!

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