Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fall To Do List!!! (w/printable)

We had so much fun with the magnet Summer To Do List and Printable we made, that I decided to make a Fall To Do List for Sept.-Nov. I had some pumpkin cutouts from a craft years ago, so I just cut out the activities and pictures I made, and glued them onto the pumpkins. Then laminated and added magnets to the back. We put ours on the fridge, and then after we finish the activity we move it to the freezer.

If you want a printable of the ones I made you can go HERE. A few are West Michigan activities, and there are not quite as many as the Summer list since we get busy with school and other activities in the Fall. What's on your Fall To Do Lists?

(Yeah, so Molly just woke up, but actually wanted her picture taken, so I couldn't pass it up :), bed head and all! )

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