Sunday, January 3, 2010

Spotlight Sunday! Kids games on Ipod

I hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve and start to the New Year. I am looking forward to a great week with my family! My husband has vacation this entire week and I can't say enough how nice it is to have him home to help with Molly and such. I don't talk about this much on my blog, but I am still so sick and there comes a point when you've been sick for so long that you just can't get ontop of it and are totally worn down. I am looking forward to hopefully getting such much needed rest this week, but... it's hard for me to sit still, so we will see... :)

(Here is Molly playing on the Ipod, yup, she has some major bed head)

Anyways, on to my VERY COOL spotlight this week. We splurged a bit for Christmas and got my husband and Ipod Touch. (granted he did laugh because I actually had a coupon for an Ipod, haha) It was long overdue, since my old Ipod is 1/3 songs I don't know that he keeps adding!

What I didn't expect was how many AMAZING apps you can add for free for Molly to play. She is loving playing the Shapes Game by Toddler Teasers. It asks her to touch the different shapes and gives her virtual stickers when she gets them right. And it really helps work on her fine motor skills. I think she might even be better than me at using his Ipod.

If you have an Ipod Touch or Phone, check out this site that lists the best Ipod Apps for kids, and here are 50 Fun Learning Ipod Apps for Kids.


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