Monday, October 12, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday!

The theme this week over at Muffin Tip Monday was kebabs! I thought this was such a fun idea, Molly LOVED not having to use a fork. :) Here is our muffin tin. (I only have a 12 cup tin, so we just used the bottom half)Back Row: String cheese, Bananas, Chicken Nuggets
Front Row: Grapes, Mini Marshmallows, Ketchup

Here is Molly Cakes enjoying her Muffin Tin and eating with toothpicks instead of forks. And yes, the cat is patiently waiting for her to finish, so he can have what's left. :) Embarrassing, but that's how we roll at this house. he he

For more great Muffin Tin Meals, head over to Her Cup Overfloweth.


  1. Love the cat just sitting there waiting. I miss having a cat. :-)

  2. We roll the same way! Too cute!!

  3. Weren't the toothpicks so fun?! I need to buy some mini marshmallows. Those are so cute. B wouldn't put the toothpick in his mouth even after I showed him how. He just picked off each piece one by one. =)

  4. very cute! Isnt it funny how we have 12 cup muffin tins ... then all of a sudden one day after doing MTM for moths you will realize the whole kitchen is being taken up by every size and season of muffin tins? :)