Sunday, May 20, 2012

We have a Preschool Grad!

Last week Molly graduated from Preschool onto PreK next year!  They put on an ADORABLE ceremony, and the kids sang songs and showed off for all the parents.  Then they got to put on there graduation hats and get there diploma from the teachers.  It was way to cute!  I videotaped the whole thing since Randal was in Texas.

 I got a ton of cute pictures, but since they all have other kids from her class in them, I thought I better not post them on my blog.  But here is a cute one of Molly and Nora before the graduation in front of Molly's locker!

Then, that Friday they had there end of year party at school, and got to play games and make a craft.  So much fun!  Molly even got to go out for lunch with her friend Jack after school, she was SO thrilled!

Here is Molly all set to graduate.  You can see from this picture how bad her eyes are getting again.  She actually fainted again Thursday night, so her next MRI is moved up to first thing tomorrow morning.

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  1. I will be praying for you guys tomorrow! let me know how things go!